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All schools need professional development that is planned and systematic, and that makes a difference to classroom practice that can be measured.


If we want to see a revolution in education, all teachers need to become observers and researchers.


There are very few providers of training in India.


The majority of training does not convert into changed classroom practice.Schools need training that 'sticks'.


Training of Teachers & School Heads In-service & Pre-service

Teachers learn new and advanced methods of teaching that accelerate and improve learning. End result is that teachers are more creative, motivated and inspired.


GETI training focuses on 360 degree transformation of schools - from teachers to processes to management to practices. GETI incorporates action research and trains teachers to transform their everyday classroom practice. they learn to create interventions and measure change. teachers are also taught to consciously speak in languages that inspire every child and about how to nurture a growth mindset in themselves and in their students. teachers upgrade on the job.

Classroom implementation

GETI focuses not just on training but action research and implementation. The very premise of GETI courses is evidence backed research studies. Thus, each training program should result in ACTUAL reflection of the training into regular classroom practice that is monitored closely to ensure the intended implementation. The trainers and observation experts monitor, reflect and analyse on the implementation instances and advise on the alternative and innovative ways to implement the learnt practices.

Follow-up actions

When we say 'training that 'sticks' ', we mean it to the tee ! The stickiness is ensured not just through the training methodology but how we lay the entire process of engagement with our education partners. With a continued interleaving of training, implementation and followups through reports, observations and collected evidence, we ensure that in a span of time, the learnt practices are adhered to and are imbibed in the day-to-day practices of the school. The deeper level engagement programs ensure guaranteed improvement in processes and ultimately the results only through these follow-up actions !

Measurement Training of progress

The one that gets measured, gets improved ! A constant monitoring of the implementation ensures that the standards of education do not go south. Our scheduled interventions in the regular school and teaching practices to measure the efficacy of the implemented programs ensure a constant improvement. What gets measured, can be improved through focused and targeted remedial programs and interventions, thus ensuring that the programs guarantee perfection in child's achievement levels on a long run.

Constant Innovation

The regular implementations and constant churn of ideas through our strong international research team ensure a culture of innovation in education. We transfer this culture of innovation to our partners through our engagement programs. Constant innovation ensures a trajectory of brilliance tending to perfection !

Support for improvement

GETI engagement does not end at training, implementation and follow-ups. The guaranteed improvement that comes along with our deeper engagement programs offer continual support for ensuring a constant improvement in educational practices and learning processes implemented by the school, teachers and the management.

Research-informed practices

Training of Teachers & School Heads In-service & Pre-service

Teachers learn new and advanced methods of teaching that accelerate and improve learning. End result is that teachers are more creative, motivated and inspired.

GETI training is a combination of study tools, practical application, implementation support, and followup actions.


Support beyond training ensures 'Hand-holding' and 'Growth'
Short courses are combined with implementation support till there is change in practice. Documentation of LEARNING GAIN provides evidence of improvement.


Self-Directed Learning


Study Groups

Inquiry / Action Research

Reflection Journals

Appraisal of On-The-Job Performance

Measurement of Impact on Results


GETI professional development process is driven by the end results we seek — student well-being and on-going improvement in achievement of all students.

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