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GETI provides online training using modules. Each module is divided into four to six sessions. Each session is 2.5 to 3 hours long. Sessions are organized once a week (ideally) or on simultaneous days. Either way, training sessions are followed by classroom implementation.

  • Teachers LEARN new skills; they also learn about useful tools and apps. They complete a short quiz and submit video evidence of their work immediately following training
  • Teachers TEACH in their classes using the new skills and apps. Beyond the training teachers get a handout which provides:
    1. Visual summary of the concepts learned
    2. Links and resources for classroom activities
    3. Suggestions for activities they can implement immediately. They are prompted to make their own activities and follow-on actions with their classes
  • Teachers SHARE what they have implemented by collecting evidence. Evidence is collected in physical and e-portfolios. Teachers learn the skills needed for these. Evidence includes:
    1. Photos
    2. Videos
    3. Audio bytes
    4. Samples of plans and student work
    5. Surveys
    6. Tests, data and its analysis (such as progress made between pre and post-test).

These measures insure that training ‘sticks.’ Empowerment provided during the training ‘lasts’, and change is ‘measurable’.


Certificates are given jointly by GETI and the Council for Global Education, USA. In addition, for some of the collaborative training programs when held with other partners, also are also jointly given with them.

Two types of certificates are given:

  1. Participation Certificate is given for meeting four criterion of at least 80% attendance, filling of feedback forms, quizzes and flipgrid videos
  2. Appreciation Certificate is given to those teachers who have shown a certain level of classroom implementation of the training

Usually on afternoons 3.30 to 6 pm (depending upon demand can change to other timings)

Participants will enjoy free access to our e-learning platform after the training and keep a portfolio of their work for a certain period of time.

Rs 545 per session plus taxes

We look forward to your school’s participation and measure the change for yourself.

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