Transforming professional learning for

teachers and education leaders

Module A: Foundation Skills of a Teacher

Learn from Team GETI. The transformational power of an exemplary teacher is unlimited. Learn those essential core skills that bring out the best in every child and teacher. There is no room for mediocrity in education. Possess the skills to nurture a growth mindset and develop aspiration, positively reinforce and motivate every student, provide rich feedback that immediately translates into effort and progress, know how to artfully ask meaningful questions, provide personal roadmaps to success, teach the skills to self-evaluate, and skillfully take feedback without classifying students.

  • Session 1: A Growth Mindset
  • Session 2: Attitudes, Values, Life-skills & Personal Traits
  • Session 3: Positive Reinforcement & Soft Skills
  • Session 4: The Art of Questioning: HOTS & Socratic Questioning
  • Session 5: Instant Feedback & Corrective Action
  • Session 6: Rubrics with a Twist

Module B: Project Based Learning

Learn from Dr Thom Markham, Phycologist, Educator, Founder & CEO, PBL Works (former BUCK Institute), California, USA, author of two books on Project Based Learning. Acquire skills to implement time proven processes, strategies and techniques in project based learning to hone in lifelong skills and design thinking in students.

  • Session 1: Investigative Learning Process and Design Thinking in Project Based Learning
  • Session 2: Teaching Methodologies, Strategies & Techniques: Model and Practice
  • Session 3: Process Orientation & Skill Based Approach to Teaching and Learning
  • Session 4: Planning & Combining Skill and Content Objectives, Implementation

Module C: Listening From The Heart

Learn from Martin Richards, Educator, experienced mathematics teacher, author of several books, a master coach with a CPCC Coaching Certificate from CTI, Coaches Training Institute. Founder, Martin Richards AB, Sweden.

Reconnect with passion for teaching. Learn how to use coaching language correctly so that learning comes more rapidly and easily. to hear the voices within, champion and reflect, create a winner mindset, and bring about change through inspiration.

  • Session 1: Different Types of Listening
  • Session 2: Conversation Structure, Resonant Choice
  • Session 3: Self-Management, Winner Mindset, Voices Within
  • Session 4: Empowered Relationships, Championing, Reflection

Module D: Spoken English & LSRW

Learn from Team GETI in collaboration with Hounslow Language Services, UK, and Aliya Nasim, Teacher Trainer, IELTS Trainer, formerly Lecturer, University of Auckland, New Zealand. A toolkit of strategies to develop speaking skills across genres, read analytically and critically, read for meaning, develop the habit of reading, engage deeper with text, write collaboratively, learn from brain science, and translate all this learning into classroom practice.

  • Session 1: Speaking in English
  • Session 2: Listening & Speaking in English
  • Session 3: Reading & Speaking in English
  • Session 4: Writing & Speaking in English

Module E: Speed Reading

Learn from Nuzhat Sophia Khan who has been trained in these methods in the UK by none other than Tony Buzan, world’s most well-known expert on speed reading and the conceptualizer and founder of Mind-mapping

Power Reading is the best, fastest, easiest, most effective speedreading and comprehension course ever developed! Discover and develop speed reading skills, focus on core speed reading techniques and increase reading speeds from 200 wpm to 1000 wpm in just four sessions!

  • Session 1: Reading a new revolutionary definition; Controlling your eye movements
  • Session 2: Getting the speed reading conditions right; Guiding the eyes
  • Session 3: Expanding your visual power; Super skimming and scanning
  • Session 4: Power up your paragraphs; Nine ways to guided speed reading; Accelerating your reading rhythm

Module F: Wake up Genius: Mind Mapping

Learn from Mohd. Lateef Khan, Founder Trustee and Chairman, MS Education Academy, MD, Learn Maximum Pvt. Ltd., One of the four Senior Tony Buzan International Licensed Instructors, trained by the originator of Mind Maps, Prof. Tony Buzan, London.

Develop the skills to create effective mind maps, generate ideas, explore creativity, identify relationships between information and data, organize information logically and effectively to improve retention and memory. Develop the ability of learning to learn, understand and harness the inner abilities of students, increase productivity, convert ideas into action, implement mind maps into lesson plans.

  • Session 1: Creativity, Basic Rules, Keywords
  • Session 2: Structure, Advance Features
  • Session 3: Overlooked Skills of our Mind, Imagination
  • Session 4: Association, Most Important Graph, Revision Strategy

Module G: Maximizing From Remote Learning Opportunities

In collaboration with Suvi Westling, Lecturer and PhD Scholar, Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki, Finland. Expert in educational psychology and planning of education programs.

How to effectively teach remotely in both synchronous and asynchronous environments and help every child maximize their learning through these online opportunities and by flipping of lessons. How to make lessons for flipping, design quizzes, enable peer learning, and assess for success using online tools and apps.

  • Session 1: Effective Remote Teaching, Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning
  • Session 2: Making & Flipping Lessons
  • Session 3: Quizzes, Self & Peer Learning
  • Session 4: Assessing for Success

Module H: Blendes & Hybrid Learning: Online Tools and Application

Learn from Team GETI.

Unlike a classroom and blackboard model, online classes and e-education provides a totally new paradigm of teaching which is content-led and uses online tools, instructional videos and other online resources created by their teacher. Learn about digital literacy, practical experience of working with technology, role of EdTech in effective technology, pedagogy and curriculum integration and assessments, digital education, strategy, roadmaps and programs for digital (blended and hybrid) approaches to impact learning in time efficient and effective manner.

  • Session 1: Effective Remote Teaching: Synchronous & Asynchronous Teaching
  • Session 2: Making Lessons & Flipping Lessons (Google Slides, Peardeck)
  • Session 3: Video-Based Lessons (Story Express, Prezi, Geogebra, Squigl)
  • Session 4: Creative Assignments & Homework, Surveys & Quizzes (ExamNet, Slido, Quizzory, Survey Monkey, Google Forms with Certificates, Quizlet)

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