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Ed Leadership International Roundtables create conversations that lead to meaningful change. These conferences are designed for school heads, policy-makers, education experts, and heads of non-government organisations working in education because we believe these leaders can bring about change in their own schools and contexts.

The first Ed Leadership International Roundtable took place in January 2008. Since then, each year, speakers from around the Globe to share their 'best' and 'next' practices and engage in conversations on education which is the most complex issue of our times requiring great deliberation. . 

Participation is free for all.
The conferences serve as umbrella for the sharing of research and good work in education worldwide. The last day of the conference is dedicated to service-learning, education and literacy of children out of school, and adult literacy. This day, we also give out Innovation-In-Process Fellowships and Innovator Awards for commitment to implementing change and for innovations supported by research and evidence.

We invite you to join hands in any capacity and become a part of this great mission.

Three Goals of Ed Leadership

Share Best and Next Practices  by bringing worldwide expertise to share their processes, methods and techniques that bring out the best in every child in both academic and human terms

Create a platform  to bring about widespread reform through encouraging the implementation of any and all new and innovative ideas.

Influence Policy  to create an enabling environment for a more meaningful, broader and bolder education that nurtures the self-confidence of every child and treats every child as special.

The 13THEd Leadership International Roundtable Conference


• School Heads (Founders, Directors, Principals, Trustees, Headmasters, Vice Principal, Incharges)

• Researchers

• Policy Makers

• Non-Government Organisations


This year’s conference is virtual. Join us on Zoom (link provided upon registration)


21-24 January, 2021

Participation is complimentary for School Heads, Directors and Policy Makers.Lets come together to discuss, deliberate and decide upon the path ahead as education needs a renaissance like never before

All participants are given a participation certificate after they complete a Feedback Form at the end of each session.

You are also encouraged to apply for GETI Innovation-in-Process Fellowships, Innovator Awards, and Outstanding Contribution to Education Awards. These awards may be given to a school, teacher, or school head, a researcher or policy maker from anywhere in the world. APPLY.

For more information , please whatsapp or call Conference Secrretary Dr Zainab Moulaey on +91 98390 47059 and +91 740 840 1000, or email to

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