• Transforming Practice. Transforming Leadership.
  • Transforming Practice. Transforming Leadership.
  • Transforming Practice. Transforming Leadership.

14thEd Leadership Global Learning Lab & Research Spotlight Day

Dear Education Leader

In this increasingly connected and spirited world, education requires a greater degree of deliberation. The change is both essential and crucial because the current system is anachronistic and is failing to address the needs of the digital age. After decades spent in dialogues, summits, conferences and more, there have been no successful efforts to achieve the much-needed transformation.

The economic, cultural and personal areas have undergone an enormous transformation over the past decades and are exceptionally radicalized over the past two years! A smidgen of progress has been made in philosophy, pedagogy and curriculum to meet the new objectives. Small changes at the margins of education are not a sufficient response to the crises. The varied endeavours contemplating disruption have failed to bring about any change so far. The need is for a disruptive education that guides to approach learning in another way. There has to be a call for action.

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14th Ed Leadership International Roundtable, 29 September, 2024
Online Conference for Ed Leaders
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14th Ed Leadership International Roundtable, 29 September, 2024
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Founder,Director GETI

Founder, Council for Global Education, USA,
DEVI Sansthan: Dignity, Education, Vision International
Education Society of Iceland

India Literacy Board

14th Ed Leadership Global Learning Lab & Research Spotlight Day

7-10 FEBRUARY, 2024 Attend In-person or online
7 January, 2024 Online only

Who Can Attend?
We invite Education Leaders, Founders, Directors, Institution Heads, Policy Makers, Educationists, NGOs, CSR and Budget Private Schools from around the world.

World Unity Convention Centre, CMS, Lucknow

Speakers from around the globe to share their 'best' and 'next' practices

Ed Leadership International Roundtables create conversations that lead to change. It serves as a catalyst for change at the same time as provides an umbrella for the sharing of research and good work in education everywhere

Education is the most complex issue of our times and it requires great deliberation. It is a multi-year effort involving all concerned about the future of education and thereby our collective future. We invite you to join hands in any capacity and become a part of this great mission.

The first Ed Leadership International Roundtable took place in January 2008. Since then, eight conferences have taken place till date.

All participants also get a participation certificate. On the last day, Innovation-in-Process Fellowships and International Education Innovator Awards are given.

Leadership has three goals

Share Best and Next Practices by bringing worldwide expertise to share their processes, methods and techniques that bring out the best in every child in both academic and human terms

Create a platform to bring about widespread reform through encouraging the implementation of any and all new and innovative ideas

Influence Policy to create an enabling environment for a more meaningful, broader and bolder education that nurtures the self-confidence of every child and treats every child as special.

Global Education and Training Institute


  Leading the crusade for Teacher Professional Development   

Why Teacher Empowerment?

The ever-accelerating changes reshaping our economies and societies are major challenges for education systems and teachers. Modern teachers are expected to develop 21st century skills in students in increasingly diverse classrooms. As societies and technologies constantly evolve, teachers must innovate teaching methods and pedagogies and constantly update their knowledge and skills.

Constant changes, including abrupt transformational challenges similar to the COVID-19 pandemic are a likely scenario for the future of education. Therefore, teachers need to be empowered to keep up with these changes and to leverage these changes to innovate instructional methods and update their teaching skills.

Effective professional development is on-going, includes training, practice and feedback, and provides adequate time and follow-up support. Training programmes, especially at GETI - involve teachers in learning activities that are similar to ones they will use with their students, and encourage the development of teachers’ learning communities. There is growing interest in developing schools as learning organisations, and in ways for teachers to share their expertise and experience more systematically.

Why Training is Essential?

India needs 11,16,846 new teachers for the next three years if it’s to make up the shortfall and cater to new student enrolments.*

Education system is at the threshold of a complete flip. This is the most opportune time to matter.

We help both individuals and organisations stay abreast of latest educational pedagogy to take on the needs of the modern world.

*Source: UNESCO, on October 5, 2021

The development of teachers beyond their initial degrees can serve a number of objectives (OECD), including:

  • to update individuals’ knowledge of a subject in light of recent advances in the area;
  • to update individuals’ skills, attitudes and approaches in light of the development of new teaching techniques and objectives, new circumstances and new educational research;
  • to enable individuals to apply changes made to curricula or other aspects of teaching practice;
  • to enable schools to develop and apply new strategies concerning the curriculum and other aspects of teaching practice;
  • to exchange information and expertise among teachers and others, e.g. academics, industrialists; and
  • to help new teachers become more effective.
To examine these issues, we at GETI adopt a broad idea of professional development among teachers.

This idea recognises that empowerment can be provided in many ways, ranging from the formal to the informal, online to in-person. It can be made available through external expertise in the form of courses, workshops or formal qualification programmes, through collaboration between schools or teachers across schools or within the schools in which teachers work. In this last case, development can be provided through coaching/mentoring, collaborative planning and teaching, and the sharing of good practises.

Continuous growth toward professional excellence for each teacher is essential if we hope to realize the vision that each student pursues and attains challenging goals for learning. Therefore, at GETI, through our training we aim to answer the next logical question: If we believe the quality of the teacher in the classroom is truly the most significant school factor contributing to student learning, then what must we do to support the growth, development, and excellence of teachers throughout their entire career?

   D-Talks by GETI  

Disruptive Talks, D- Talks for educators is an initiative by GETI to lead the next quantum leap in education, transforming teachers and trainers into educational leaders. We curated 'D Talks' as part of #DisruptiveEducationMovement echoing our Founder, Dr Sunita Gandhi's thoughts, "Education is an integral whole. The need is to engage educators in critical conversations that shape a new mindset and help build a consensus for a bolder and broader education that is most urgently needed. Education works on transformation at all levels: child, home and school. We contribute to nurturing, recognising and supporting all efforts that lead to creating visible and measurable change in education."

So far we have hosted 1500+ education leaders where we have brainstormed the course forward - enabling transformation, and creating ripples of positive educational disruption across the world.

Ergo, 'D Talks' by GETI is a free-flowing yet organized online exchange forum between education leaders, educators, researchers, thought leaders and all interested in education from the K-12 world and beyond.

Because, even during these evolving times; as a stakeholder in education, we know that a better education for all students is possible!

Join the conversation. Discuss. Shape the future of education.
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   Global Dream Disruptive Literacy  

There is a tremendous need for literacy. India has the world’s largest population of illiterates: according to UNESCO, 287 million adults in India are illiterate – 5 times more than the next most, China. While literacy rates are growing (from 64% to 74% between the 2001 and 2011 Censuses), the rate of improvement is disappointingly slow. This lack of literacy has major negative consequences economically, politically and socially; at all scales, from individual to national. We prove that most people are able to learn survival literacy in 2-3 months of daily 20-30 minute lessons using the Global Dream program. This is far quicker than alternative literacy programs.

Along with the statistics, we share a few stories of people who’ve learnt to read using the Global Dream materials, and the difference it has made in their lives.

If you share our conviction about the need to spread literacy, but are curious to learn more, take a look at the projects we’re involved in or check out some free sample materials. If you’re already convinced and want to get involved, please get in touch with us as we’d love to work with you!

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