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Disruptive Talks, D- Talks for educators is an initiative by GETI to lead the next quantum leap in education, transforming teachers and trainers into educational leaders. We curated 'D Talks' as part of #DisruptiveEducationMovement echoing our Founder, Dr Sunita Gandhi's thoughts, "Education is an integral whole. The need is to engage educators in critical conversations that shape a new mindset and help build a consensus for a bolder and broader education that is most urgently needed. Education works on transformation at all levels: child, home and school. We contribute to nurturing, recognising and supporting all efforts that lead to creating visible and measurable change in education."

So far we have hosted 1500+ education leaders where we have brainstormed the course forward - enabling transformation, and creating ripples of positive educational disruption across the world.

Ergo, 'D Talks' by GETI is a free-flowing yet organized online exchange forum between education leaders, educators, researchers, thought leaders and all interested in education from the K-12 world and beyond.

Because, even during these evolving times; as a stakeholder in education, we know that a better education for all students is possible!

Join the conversation. Discuss. Shape the future of education.
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GETI Talk Guests are from around the world

GETI Talk Guests from regions in India