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Founder,Director GETI

Founder, Council for Global Education, USA,
DEVI Sansthan: Dignity, Education, Vision International
Education Society of Iceland

India Literacy Board

Dr Sunita Gandhi has a PhD in Physics from Cambridge University, the UK, and a Bachelor’s in Physics from Imperial College, London University. At Cambridge, she received three merit-based scholarships: The Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarship, The Overseas Student Award and Trinity College Scholarship. Subsequently, Sunita Gandhi was selected to the Young Professionals Programmeme at the World Bank, Washington, DC, USA. Ten years, Sunita Gandhi devoted herself to education policy work in several countries. She also engaged in innovative work in education by cooperating with US educators and speaking at education conferences worldwide. She became one of ten staff members honoured by the World Bank President with the 'Most Outstanding Contribution to Development Award'.

Dr Sunita established the Council for Global Education in Washington, DC, USA, and the Education Society of Iceland. She came back to India to establish DEVI - Dignity, Education, Vision International, a non-profit NGO for the education of the underprivileged. Sunita started her first school at the age of fourteen.

Dr Sunita Gandhi has travelled to 49 countries and studied the education systems in many of them. She has both founded and run experimental schools in India, Iceland and the Czech Republic and piloted her work in education based on the principle of ‘compete with yourself’ in Iceland, India and the UK. She came back to India to help her parents and now supports them in the capacity of Honorary Chief Academic Advisor at their school, CMS. In addition, her India based Global Classroom has been involved in creating and implementing vastly different models of education: child-led learning, assessments based on the principle of compete with yourself, an environment that uses languages that empower and focus on the self-esteem of every child, and a learning system that provides both transparency and accountability. Over 500 schools in India are currently following her curriculum and assessments based on the principle of Compete With Yourself

Her latest initiative is Global Dream, Leave No One Behind, a campaign to counter illiteracy in India. The campaign is growing at a fast pace. It includes an innovative curriculum that accelerates learning for literacy and numeracy.

Roli Tripathi
Head,Training & Programmes, GETI

Superior Principal, CIS & NIS chain of Schools

Roli Tripathi is an experienced academic leader and passionate educator. She is currently serving as the Superior Principal of 24 campuses of CIS and NIS. She leads and guides GETI( Global Education and Training Institute) for Training and Programmes in-service and pre-service teachers. She served as the principal of two Campuses of City Montessori School including the largest at Lucknow, after being an innovative and accomplished English instructor.

She was the Convenor of the International Day for Tolerance 2018, a UNESCO observance celebrated by CMS. She was the Co-convenor of the four day International Convention on Students' Quality Control Circles (ICSQCC-2019) organized by CMS, Kanpur Road Campus. She closely works on the Global Dream Literacy Campaign with schools.

She was also the Co-Convenor of the 13th Ed Leadership Conference 2021 on the theme ‘Power Of Change-Inspiring the Teacher Within’ a non-profit initiative of GETI that had more than 5000 participants from various regions attend and listen to 102 international and national speakers from 25 countries including 200+ policymakers. This conference was attended by more than 4000 schools and school heads to address the various challenges in education today, especially committing to Foundational Literacy & Numeracy on the UN International Day of Education, 24 January 2021.

She led school and staff delegations to NASA, Kennedy Space Centre, USA for the ATX Programme and to HWPL, Busan and Seoul South Korea for exchange in learning Programmes and participated in the IC3 conference 2019 in Mumbai for Pedagogical Approaches to Career Exploration of Students, a panellist at the World Teachers' Day celebration at Amity University. Trained in Experiential Learning and is certified in Instructional Leadership: IAAT at Heritage School, Gurgaon (in collaborative learning, intensive cognitive coaching and mentoring and demonstrative pedagogy).

She is passionate about career counselling having successfully guided students to esteemed universities abroad and pursued the International Certified Career Coach Programme by Mindler in alliance with NCDA- the US.

Mary E. Pearce B.A.I.S.
Master Trainer

Mary has been a Trainer and Support Materials Developer for GCPL since 2013. She has a Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.I.S.) in 2012, Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, Utah and took their Teacher Preparation Programme, Pre K-8.

She presents workshops for teachers, principals and school owners. She Frequently travels throughout India to train teachers in the GCPL curriculum.

She is a support materials developer, specializing in tactile materials. For 25 years, Mary was a home school teacher for her nine children, pre-primary through class 12. She prepared curricula and instructed children in Phonics Reading Programmes, Math, Social Studies, Geography, Science, Language Arts, Business And Vocational Training

James M. Pearce RD MPH
Master Trainer

James has been a Trainer and Curriculum Developer for GCPL since 2013. He presents workshops for teachers, principals and school owners. Frequently Travelling throughout

India to train pre-primary and primary teachers in GCPL curriculum and use of Montessori

materials is a passion and call of duty for him. He has experience in the development of curricula for computers, EVS, English and ‘Yes I Can.’

James holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) from the University of Minnesota; and a two-year certificate in Health Care Administration. He has years of experience teaching health education in one of the biggest private hospitals in the US.

James also has teaching experience in US public and private schools and helped his wife Mary to home-school their 9 children.

Neha Yadav
Ambassador of Change

Neha is a Workplace Well-Being Researcher and has researched, designed and delivered trainings on the same for various organisations. She is an Empathy and Social Emotional Learning Facilitator with SEE Learning, Emory University and Empathy Circles and is determined to create a sustaining culture of well-being for people and firms.

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