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Global Education and Training Institute (GETI) is India’s leading training institute for in-service, pre-service teachers and education leaders.

GETI is built on the foundation of several Ed Leadership International Conferences echoing the vision of our Founder Director, Dr Sunita Gandhi A teacher leads a learner-centred community in an atmosphere of openness and trust that allows for the exchange of ideas and mutual respect. A teacher serving as a facilitator helps students connect ideas in the content areas to their previous experiences, to familiar ideas, and relevant situations.

As a coach, the teacher observes, evaluates and changes direction and strategies whenever necessary. One-time professional learning events are redundant today. Teachers today need ongoing support and empowerment to become outstanding. Learning for educators also is a lifelong lived practice that is linked to the community, environmental, and individual well-being.

Thus, at GETI we believe that well-rounded professional development needs to knit onto every facet of a teacher’s role thus teacher empowerment cannot be left to chance.

Bearing this belief in mind, we provide a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to teacher training.

We remain small enough to understand every teacher as an individual but large enough to offer a diverse and bespoke learning experience

  • Pre- Service Training - Ensuring that aspiring teachers have the teaching skills and abilities to positively foster professional growth.
  • In-Service Training - Prepares teachers, coordinators and school heads to bring about change that is ‘measurable’

Our Process

Education needs progressive teachers engaged in action research, putting ideas into practice in an online and blended environment

Our training procedure is underpinned by up-to-date quality evidence-based educational research and delivered by a range of experts. Applying a researched approach to teacher development is the key to improved learning. Our training allows you to complement your classroom experience and initiate your progression as a teacher and leader against current teaching standards. The Advanced processes of teaching speed up learning by all children and improvement of results from which are measurable by the teacher and the taught.


By empowering teachers to become exemplary teachers and outstanding professionals, creating new mindsets, improving relationships and encouraging cooperation and improving practices as needed for today's students, we can improve happiness, confidence, and results.


Training certification is provided jointly by GETI, the Council for Global Education, USA and Teachers Without Borders, USA. Additionally, when we collaborate with our partners certificates are also provided jointly with them.

We offer two types of certificates -

  • A Certificate of Participation is given for completing the activities, quizzes and submitting feedback with 80% attendance.
  • An Appreciation Certificate is given to teachers who have shown an exemplary level of classroom implementation of the training.


Our training is delivered through easily accessible and free platforms. We have no prior requirements from participating schools and individual teachers. At GETI, we manage all the logistics and housekeeping of the training.